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Fujifilm India is planning to launch new DR System at AOCR 2018


We are seeing a prominent presence of FujiFilm India in the Indian Radiology Market Place. What plans does the company have for India?

At Fujifilm, we are continuously innovating, creating new technologies, product and services and depending on the market demand we will be introducing new products. We are introducing endoscopy, bronchoscopy and new DR machines which would help in early detection of cancer.

We are concentrating more on customer service by increasing our manpower and service centres.

How did FujiFilm make the transition from film making to cameras and the entire bouquet of products currently on offer. Please describe the journey.

Fujifilm was established in 1934 with the aim of producing photographic films. Over the decades the company has diversified into new markets and built a strong presence around the globe. In the year 2000, when the wave of digitalisation led to the decline of film demand, Fujifilm considered this to be an opportunity instead of a crisis. In response to this, Fujifilm HQ implemented management reforms aimed at effecting drastic transformation of its business structures. The company utilised its core technologies and diversified to form six new business fields: healthcare, highly functional materials, document solutions, graphic arts,  optical devices and digital imaging. While most film manufacturers recognised this fundamental change, Fujifilm adapted to this shift much more successfully and its diversification efforts also succeeded.

Fujifilm has leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global presence known for innovation in healthcare, photo imaging, graphic arts, recording media, industrial products, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas. The Company is continuously innovating-creating new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere. Their goal is to empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s businesses and lifestyles.

What is the innovative way in which FujiFilm India is gearing up to tackle breast cancer in our country?

Fujifilm India, a pioneer in the development and application of imaging and information innovations to healthcare technologies, had partnered with different institutes all over India for the installation of its 50 Micron 3D Mammography machine – a highly advanced breast cancer diagnostic machine that has made early detection of breast cancer a reality for women. Fujifilm’s advanced tomosynthesis technology reveals the internal structure of the breast thus simplifying the detection of lesions that gets overlooked in a routine mammography.

FFIN conducted a symposium in Delhi with Batra Hospital, Mumbai with NM Medical Center, Chennai with SRMC and Kolkata with Peerless Hospital followed by press conference to generate the awareness about the cause.

In our continues effort to generate awareness about this noble cause, we have tied up with PINKATHON (women Marathon) as a ‘Wellness Partner’ and educate the women of the country that how early detection saves life.

We are installing mammography units in mobile vans to generate the awareness to the masses and screening women with potential risk of breast related diseases, one such example is Indian Cancer Institute at Delhi.

To generate the awareness we also conduct patient awareness programs in association with hospitals like Tata Memorial Centre ACTREC , NM medical Mumbai, Action Balaji cancer hospital Delhi, SRMC Chennai, Shankra Cancer Hospital Bangalore.

Please brief us on the acquisition of Sonosite and the focus on point of care ultrasound machines.

In March 2012, US based SonoSite became a wholly owned subsidiary of FujiFilm Holdings corporation. Since its inception, SonoSite’s lightweight, robust products have created and led the point-of-care ultrasound market. From sophisticated urban hospital emergency departments to clinics in austere, remote villages, SonoSite systems are used by over 21 medical specialties and provide clinicians around the world with a cost-effective tool for improving patient safety and workflow efficiency.

Currently, SonoSite has in excess of 145 patents and holds a number of prestigious design awards. It continues to be the world leader in point-of-care ultrasound. SonoSite’s compact systems are expanding the use of ultrasound across the clinical spectrum by cost-effectively bringing high-performance ultrasound to the point of patient care.

Have you planned any launch at AOCR 2018, or any new product in 2018.

Fujifilm India is planning to launch new DR System in association with local X-Ray manufacturer. This floor mounted DR system would be in two variants 15 KW and 30 KW with high frequency generator. With features like low x-ray radiation with high quality images, this system is very easy to use and install with improved workflow.

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