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Awareness, accessibility and affordability are the key growth drivers for this sector


What is your perspective on the Indian radiology sector?

The Indian radiology sector is quite exciting and poised for phenomenal growth. India spends less than three per cent on Public healthcare as compared to the ten per cent global average and we have no option, but to invest in the sector in order to improve the quality of healthcare. Awareness, accessibility and affordability are the key growth drivers for this sector. The availability and accessibility of data is growing in the radiology segment and big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the key technological advancements in this field.

When you compare the Indian market to the rest of the world, where would you rank the India Radiology industry?

Currently the Indian market is on the lower side considering the population of our country but there is no doubt that it will grow to be one of the top-ranking markets across the world.

Are digital technologies disrupting the sector in India?

The key trends are on artificial learning and needless to say, we should be ready for a potential disruption in the way the work flow and efficiency is managed currently. This will bring tremendous value to the patient as well as our customers by improving the overall quality of healthcare, while bringing down the overall cost of healthcare.

On what does Carestream India have its focus on and how will it add value?

Our focus is to accelerate the digitisation of the radiology market. We do this by offering CRs and DRs in the Indian market with the aim to accelerate the conversions of analogue data to digital and then augment this with our world class Healthcare IT solutions to manage this data and improve workflow and efficiency for our customers, which in total adds great value to the overall healthcare ecosystem.

What innovations are you bringing to India?

One of our core value is innovation and we continue to strive hard to bring innovative products to the market. Our pipeline is quite strong this year. We plan to launch our OnSight 3D Extremity System, which uses cone beam technology for extremity exams(including load bearing exams) at the lowest dosage possible. We also plan to launch our innovative  printing solution –MyVue Centre Kiosk which helps the healthcare provider to improve the workflow in their own setup. MyVue Centre Kiosk is accessible to patients 24X7, and helps them manage their own reports based on their own preference. They can conveniently access the report and images, print it, and send it to someone or they can get a digital image on a USB drive. We are also bringing our zero footprint “Vue Clinical Collaboration Platform”, a customised Healthcare IT solution, which increases the efficiency and improves the workflow of any radiology setup.

How will attending AOCR 2018 add value to your business plans for India?

AOCR 2018 is a unique conference where we are able to harness the views of all our customers under one roof. This helps us to understand their needs better and helps us to design our product and solutions to suit their requirements, apart from showcasing our innovative products and solutions.

What can we expect from Carestream at AOCR 2018?

We are launching the OnSight 3D Extremity system, MyVue Centre Kiosk and our “Vue Clinical Collaboration Platform” in the healthcare IT segment. We will leverage this platform to engage with our customers, understand their problems, discuss the latest trends in radiology space, and use this information to manage our product lifecycle.

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