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Transasia sets new benchmark in Indian in-vitro diagnostic industry

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More than 1,000 units of the recently introduced, new Erba Hematology range of analysers sold in a period of just four and half months from launch

Transasia Bio-Medicals has successfully sold over 1,000 units of the recently launched Erba hematology range of analysers in India, thereby retaining its number one position in the Indian haematology market.

A result of in-depth research and development at the group’s European centre, the Erba haematology range was launched in India just four and half months ago to mark Transasia’s 40th anniversary. The 3-Part (H 360) and 5- Part (H 560 and ELite 580) fully automated haematology analysers, reagents and controls include a number of features to help institutions, clinicians and laboratory technologists offer accurate diagnosis.

Suresh Vazirani, CMD, Transasia said, “All along the 40 years of our journey, we have been committed to offering the highest level of quality and service to doctors and their patients. India’s greatest need is the easy access to affordable healthcare. And that is the lacunae that we have been striving to fill by pooling in our best technologies from our global subsidiaries and making them available at affordable prices for Indian hospitals and labs.”

“Our Erba range of haematology analysers is comparable to the best in the world and is widely used in the European market. I am grateful to our customers for their overwhelming response and our success is an outcome of the trust they bestow in us,” he further added.

Erba H 360 is a 3-Part Differential Hematology analyser and is suitable for obtaining a complete blood count (CBC) with a three part differential white blood cell (WBC) count. On the other hand, the 5-Part Differential analysers, H 560 and Elite 580 measure cell morphology and detect small cell populations to diagnose rare blood conditions. All the three instruments are designed to be user-friendly and convenient. They aid in the screening of haemoglobinopathies like Thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia and other haemoglobinopathies that are prevalent in India.

With more than 65,000 installations and the largest sales and service team in the Indian IVD Industry, Transasia has been living upto its aim of quality, accessible and affordable diagnostic solutions. Globally, the Transasia-Erba group with 14 subsidiaries across the US and Europe, is serving more than millions in over 100 countries and is dedicated to offering affordable solutions for the emerging markets.

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