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Strand Life Sciences joins the Global Diagnostics Network

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The collaboration will help generate enhanced diagnostics insights to improve delivery of global healthcare

Strand Life Sciences, India, recently joined the Global Diagnostics Network (GDN), a strategic working group of major diagnostic laboratories collaborating to generate enhanced diagnostics insights to improve the delivery of global healthcare. The GDN, launched in October 2018 by US-based Quest Diagnostics, consists of the following companies: Al Borg Medical Laboratories, Dasa, GC Labs, Healius, KingMed Diagnostics, and SYNLAB. LSI Medience also joined GDN.

GDN initiatives will benefit patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical innovators, government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and academic institutions. Starting priority areas of focus include the standardised delivery and development of high quality companion diagnostics for pharmaceutical companies, and the creation of an emerging pathogen preparedness network to expedite infectious disease research and response. Additional initiatives will be rolled out based on regional and global priorities.

In India, Strand Life Sciences is focussed on oncology, mother and child and technology enabled wellness segments. “We are very pleased to join the GDN and learn from the rich experience of our fellow members as well as contribute through our special capabilities in genetics, bioinformatics and oncology” said Harish Natarajan, Chief Operating Officer and President, Clinical Diagnostics, Strand Life Sciences.

“We welcome Strand Life Sciences as a new GDN member, and are eager to continue acceleration of the network’s programmes that will reach patients in every part of the world. The GDN continues to make great strides in increasing access to diagnostic technology and innovation, and in building the largest global launch platform for rapid deployment of companion diagnostics,” said Mark Machulcz, General Manager, Global Markets, Quest Diagnostics.

Collectively, this worldwide community of nine leading healthcare companies has a presence in countries with two-thirds of the world’s population, and over 90 per cent of the global pharmaceutical market.

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