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NirogStreet launches ‘NirogStreet Vaidya Tool’ software

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The software enables Ayurveda practitioners to create, manage patient records, patient follow-up, medicine prescription, bills, manage inventory, medicine stock

The ancient science and healthcare discipline, Ayurveda is an effective and one of the most sustainable healthcare systems in the world. But, the biggest challenge that Ayurveda has faced is lack of knowledge sharing and documenting evidence based treatment resulting in losing of precious knowledge and trust. With the power of integrated technology NirogStreet, an Ayurveda platform to make Ayurveda mainstream, is brining authentic and trustworthy Ayurvedic healthcare up to speed with modern healthcare requirements. NirogStreet has launched ‘NirogStreet Vaidya Tool’ a specialised SaaS based software for Ayurvedic practitioners and clinics and hospitals. NirogStreet Vaidya Tool software enables Ayurveda practitioners to create and manage patient records, patient follow-up, medicine prescription, bills and manage inventory and medicine stock, etc.

NirogStreet Vaidya Tool will also serve as a rich knowledge pool for Ayurvedic doctors as it also provides the unique feature of access to 250+ diseases treatment protocol, diet and lifestyle modifications in details, Prakruti Parikshana, Suvarna Prashan records. Investigation records of patients can also be maintained with the software. More than 100 Ayurvedic practitioners in the country have shared their experiences and knowledge to develop this software.

NirogStreet will provide Vaidya Tool complementary to all Ayurveda practitioners across the country. This will empower more than 5.5 lakh Ayurveda practitioners in the country by making their practice, hospitals and clinics technology enabled. Enabling Ayurveda treatment ecosystem can take it to new levels and help in sharing the benefits of Ayurveda healthcare with the world.

Speaking about the launch Ram N Kumar, Founder, NirogStreet said, “Our vision is to make Ayurveda the first call of treatment not just in India but across the globe. With Vaidya Tool, we have given Ayurveda healthcare the avatar which the 21st century understands, recognises and is comfortable to use. Technology enabling will open opportunities to document, preserve and structure the valuable knowledge of Ayurveda, enable knowledge sharing among practitioners, encourage evidence based authentic Ayurvedic treatment and capacity building of the ecosystem. We truly believe that India can lead the revolution of global healthcare systems by enabling technology in Ayurveda.”

NirogStreet is closely working with Ayurvedic doctor community, institutions and policy makers to advance Ayurvedic research and collaboration with modern medical technologies, to make this ancient treatment science more result oriented and trusted. Spiral Ventures (Japanese venture fund) backed NirogStreet has aggressive plans to certify 5000 Ayurveda doctors and clinics by FY 2020. NirogStreet not only aims to create awareness and make effective Ayurvedic treatment accessible to all but also intends to combat the issue of fake Ayurvedic medicines and faulty Ayurvedic treatment being dispensed in the market by quacks.

The company has plans to partner with over 100 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and brands in next two years to provide the best quality medicines to the patients. It has successfully enabled over 40,000 + Ayurvedic doctors to adopt evidence-based treatment in Ayurveda using its NirogStreet for Ayurveda doctor’s mobile application. Around 8000 doctors in the country are ordering Ayurvedic medicines from its e-commerce platform. This technology-driven SaaS tools and platform provides access to authentic Ayurveda doctors on a global scale with a focus to implement best practices and deliver quality Ayurveda healthcare. Realising the optimistic future and potential Spiral Ventures (Japanese venture fund), Subho Ray, President, Internet and Mobile Association of India and Samir Kumar, Director, Deutsche Bank, Singapore have invested in NirogStreet’s growth.

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