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Sanrad believes in customer relation, which is our core value


What is your company’s focus in the Indian market? And how would you like to add value to diagnostic imaging service through your products?

Sanrad Medical Systems are the pioneers in supply and service of  pre-owned MRI & CT Scanners for over 25 years. It expanded its operations in Bangalore in 2007. Due to proximity of customers, Bangalore became the inventory and headquarters for Sanrad.

The Sanrad Group is a 450 million turnover company with offices at Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Calicut, Hyderabad, and Pune. The company has installed more than 370 CT & MRI systems in India and abroad.

Sanrad represents a fundamental new approach and transcends previous limitations to deliver a host of revolutionary advances in the field of diagnostic imaging equipment. The company’s strong engineering skills and commitment towards improving the functionality and performance of the equipment alongwith enchancement of economic advantages to customers has endeared them to a lot of customers, Sanrad is respected in the industry for ethical business practices and has won the acclaim from the medical fraternity, associations and related professionals for efficient and prompt services.

30 per cent  of our CT/ MRI market is dominated by preowned/ refurbished models and out of this 60 per cent  are controlled by Sanrad. Sanrad’s HQ is in Bangalore and Mumbai. We have business/ service centre at Calicut, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabd, Kochi, Pune, Rajkot.

What are the factors that drive the success of Sanrad?

Brand Name: Sanrad is an organisation specialising in offering affordable medical imaging equipment and providing impeccable after sales and maintenance service since last 20 years, dealing with pre-owned CT & MRI Scanner imported from Japan, Sanrad is a market leader in this field with an array of satisfied clientele. Sanrad is widely acclaimed by the medical fraternity in India for its outstanding service with the highest up-time and maintaining excellent customer relationship.

Sanrad, over the years, has installed more than 370 Preowned CT & MRI units in India and abroad, a testimony to its commitment to quality and uncompromising service. We work with a cross-section of brands from varied industry verticals who are leaders in their respective domain and we are proud to share success and equity in the market place.

Equipment Model: This is another important factor while choosing the right equipment model. We sell all segments of CT from single slice to 64 slice. But the trend now is towards 16 slice.

We are presently selling Asteion 4 slice/ Activion 16/ Aquilion 64 with scan time of 5 sec. and slice thickness of 0.5 mm, and wide gantry bore of 720 mm.

Sanrad is very popular for its customer’s friendly approach and this is our biggest USP.

Quality: Sanrad does not compromise on quality from installation to support and service. Before delivering an equipment, it is thoroughly checked by Sanrad’s trained engineers in its local factory and all tests, calibrations and faults are rectified. Damaged parts if any are replaced.

CTs are ensured for 100 per cent working order based on our continuous improvised checklist. Our trained engineers ensure that the checklist addresses rare conditions either anticipated or addressed in the past. The equipment is then cleaned if necessary to give a new look. Further, it is duly tested to check its performance against our acceptable benchmarks. These actions will ensure that the machines perform almost at the same levels as their new counterparts.

Sanrad has measurable process and practices to recondition the device almost equal to the OEM’s specifications. Preowned CTs supplied by Sanrad come with the same warranties and supports the same clinical applications as new units. Customers get the same clinical functionality, throughput, performance, and service up-time as new equipment.

Customer sites are visited and the installation begins only after the site plan is approved by the AERB board.

Warranty: As pre-owned equipment, Sanrad has moral responsibilities of support, performance of these  equipment and supply of spare parts at least  the next 5-7 years and above all cater to patient safety. Sanrad provides considerable savings by AMC offers instead of CMC offers.

Cost savings: The most notable benefit of purchasing a preowned machine from Sanrad is the financial saving. Refurbished machines are often 30-40 per cent cheaper than a new machine. Lower prices allow smaller hospitals and diagnostic centres to have more facilities in their hospitals/ clinic while staying within their budgets. The exact savings will depend on the type of machine, the machine’s overall condition in proportion to its expected lifespan and warranty options. Sanrad offers cost effective solutions and provides lowest life cycle costs in the industry.

User reference: Sanrad is not only a well-recognised brand for medical imaging equipment, but also has turned into a concept by itself. This concept embraces a range of customer support systems that have been designed for cost conscious customers in India for a market that is both technology oriented and demanding. Our reference customers are key growth initiators in our business. It is important for the customers to check with existing user of the same equipment about the vendor, equipment, spare parts, failures, service support etc.

Product reliability and support: This can be a crucial point, as many times the customer cannot get an idea about the product origin, history of problems, first customer experience, reliability record etc. Sometimes, even with a brand new equipment, reliability can be an issue, especially with a newly developed product or software.  Sanrad invests in extensive training, and development of knowledge driven manpower on all ranges of CT models including the newest version. The lead engineers at Sanrad are trained at the site till they meet the training criteria. Sanrad helps customers by providing the information upfront.

Sanrad believes in customer relation, which is our core value. As a thumb rule, Sanrad doesn’t sell very old equipment. Reason being, it will  result in frequent breakdown or outdated technology.

Sanrad has 60 per cent of the CT/ MRI preowned market today because, we offer spare parts ex-stock and at low costs, provide wide network of service support. Our response time for support and service is best and we improve on responsiveness with measures. Most important benefit that Sanrad offers is our service first and pay later attitude that has been crucial for saving lives today.

Vendor track record: As a Sanrad culture, engineers and marketing understand the customers’ requirements, cost and business pattern. Based on those factors, help the customers select an appropriate model to meet all the criteria. This is one of our success factors and hence our reference customer percentage is growing year on year. We believe that we have moral responsibility for support, performance of the equipment and supply of spare parts with maximum up-time. This adds to our credibility in the industry.

What are the innovations that you wish to bring to India?

In the next 3 years, our plans are

  • To include digital radiology devices
  • Higher models of MRI (3 Tesla)
  • Introduce 128 slice CT Scanner
  • Mobile MRI on Wheels

Any expansion plans?

We wish to expand our operations across North and East India and to the neighbouring countries. To be an integrated participant of healthcare industry, keep pace with latest technology products and continue to provide them at affordable price in India and other developing nations worldwide.

  • Innovate to bring down cost and reach more customers
  • Improvise on processes in service and support to reduce the turnaround time
  • Focus on enriching customer’s experience from our expert database of knowledge

How are you participating in the AOCR 2018 conclave in India?

We are entering as Diamond Partners in the AOCR 2018 event. We expect our brand to get extra recognition in terms of the best quality of the products and the services that we provide to our esteemed customers.

What are your expectations from this event?

We look forward to make new business relationships and expand our business horizons through the exposure received in this event.

Are there any product launches planned at this event?

We plan to launch Mobile MRI on Wheels which is our new product

How will attending the AOCR 2018 add value to your business plans for India?

  • Business Development activities
  • Enhancing public image
  • Increasing marketenxposure
  • Meeting our existing customers

We believe that the event has lot of quality participants and has been organised by the peers of the health industry. This being the plus point of the event, we are rest assured that by attending the event and participating we shall benefit vehemently.

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