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Reshape your mammography experience


Senographe Pristina

201801inimage26At GE Healthcare, it’s our constant endeavor to improve the entire mammography experience. We partnered with radiologists, technologists and patients to create a mammography platform that’s sensitive to each of their needs

Sensitive to Patient

  • An attractive gantry like a piece of art promoting a sense of calm
  • World’s first self-compression in mammography: A first-of-its kind, self-compression technology- Patients
    can work guided by technologists to reach the compression that is right for them.
  • Only FDA-approved mammography that provides 3D scans at the same dose as standard 2D mammography

Sensitive to Radiologists

  • The new image chain also helps reduce the exposure time in 2D with no compromise on image quality at low dose
  • breast tomosynthesis platform allows excellent visualization of breast lesions without increasing the dose compared to a 2D exam.

Sensitive to Technologists

  • A new design to avoid physical strain of positioning the patient
  • The console and gantry are ready to use within a few minutes
  • Change from 2D to 3D mode in just one click with pre-set default acquisition.

Senographe Crystal Nova

201801inimage27Digital Mammography transformation simplified.

Introducing the fast, easy and affordable way to access digital mammography with the benefits of a GE world-class premium product.

  • The fast easy and affordable way to access 2D digital mammog-raphy with the benefits of a GE world-class premium product w Proven econtrast technology
  • Access images the way you like them with the Seno Iris Lite workstation w An Exceptional patient throughput (of up to 18 patients per hour) performance on the market w One-touch gantry adjustment with quick patient positioning

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