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Clariscan™ Expanding our range to increase your options


201801inimage28Clariscan is a macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) designed to support effective visualisation of abnormalities in the brain, spine and associated tissues, and will be provided alongside GE Healthcare’s comprehensive support services and solutions to healthcare practitioners worldwide. Clariscan is currently a successful product of choice for radiologists in Europe. GE Healthcare talks about various advantages of using Clariscan:

  • Adding inclusivity: Clariscan is indicated for diagnostic contrast enhancement in Whole body MRI, MRI of the CNS, MR angiography
  • Adding efficiency: Clariscan offers a wide range of indication-specific packaging
  • Adding confidence: From API production to final delivery, every stage of manufacturing is managed entirely by GE Healthcare
  • Adding dependability: A robust supply chain + Production capacity that is prepared for growth
  • The efficacy and safety profile of gadoteric acid has been well characterised: 1
  1. 49 clinical studies, 2813 patients, adult and paediatric w 6 post-marketing observational studies with >137,000 patients  w accumulated post-marketing safety data totalling ~30 million doses

Clariscan now adds to the family of GE contrast media and imaging products alongside the existing linear agent for MRI, Omniscan, which has been used in routine diagnostic practice for over 25 years with over 80 million administrations. Macrocyclic Clariscan, manufactured using a proprietary GE process, extends choice for radiology professionals, backed by the well-established quality, reliability and surrounding services that GE customers have come to expect.

Clariscan is the latest in a line of products and services provided by GE Healthcare to the radiology community, which include a wide range of contrast media as well as a portfolio of systems and products across MRI and X-ray/ CT modalities. GE Healthcare has provided comprehensive partnership and support services to the radiology profession for over 30 years.

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* Not available for commercial sale in India now, awaiting regulatory approval in India

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