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Samsung solutions for dynamic radiology landscape


Radiology as a medical field has witnessed immense transformation backed by innovation. Samsung Healthcare in recent times has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technologies in radiology. The company has a huge focus in the Indian radiology market and is looking to expand its reach across India. Khusboo Srivastava, Manager-Health and Medical Equipment, Samsung Healthcare, in her presentation spoke about innovations that have changed the way radiology is practiced. She highlighted on the solutions offered by Samsung that are currently changing the radiology landscape.

She began her presentation by providing a brief history of Samsung Healthcare and how the company has played a crucial role in aiding radiology practitioners with the technologies and expertise for providing better patient care.

Srivastava, talked about Samsung’s focus in women’s healthcare and how their technologies facilitate radiologists to provide comfort and better diagnosis to their women patients.

Moreover, she informed the audience on Samsung’s 5D technology that facilitates early diagnosis of CHD and can be instrumental in providing solutions to treat IT as well. Srivastava also shared an update on radiology solution offerings by Samsung that can create more access to better imaging diagnostics and foster innovation in medical care.

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