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AI in radiology


As radiologists seek to become a significant part of the healthcare management system, AI can be their aid in transforming their role and make them more efficient and effective in medical decision making. Dr Vidur Mahajan, Head (R&D), CARING. Mahajan Imaging (moderator), Rohit Sathe, CEO, Philips Healthcare India, Vivek Kanade, CEO, Siemens Healthineers, Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, Chief Radiologist, Teleradiology Solutions, Dr Prashant Warier, CEO,, Dr Vansantha Venugopal, Imaging Lead, CARING, Mahajan Imaging, Dileep Mangsuli, Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare, South Asia and Ravi Srinivasan, Chief Manager, Health & Medical Equipments, Samsung Healthcare deliberate on the potential of AI in changing landscape of diagnostic imaging in India in the coming times.

Experts on the panel began by analysing the current opportunities associated with AI application in radiology. They discussed ways to use AI to create more opportunities for radiologists and patient care. The panelists believed that AI is a performance enhancer for accuracy and efficiency and should be utilised to improve and upgrade current skills. Data capture is important and AI will be able to help radiologists at their workstations in future, experts added. Additionally pointing out to the most important aspects that radiologists, AI platforms and healthcare companies need to look at, panelists unanimously acknowledge was that affordability, accessibility, accuracy, acumen are the essentials for AI in radiology.

They also discussed on how healthcare technology companies are trying to solve complex health and healthcare problems using AI. During this, experts on the panel agreed that medical history is where healthcare technology companies want to create better patient care programmes. This lead the conversation towards examining the opportunities, pros and con of building an AI ecosystem in India.

Well, this raised some queries on the possibilities of radiologists losing their jobs to machines and how radiologists in the future will need to be trained in AI application. Experts on the panel shared examples of how AI cannot be enabled without the help of an expert, in this case the radiologist. At the end, they did inform that an ecosystem for AI will be created very soon.

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