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Express Healthcare to host first edition of Healthcare Sabha at Hyderabad



Central and state-level policymakers would congregate at the event to deliberate on cohesive, unified and innovative ways to achieve the vision of the National Health Mission

In keeping with the objectives of the National Health Mission pertaining to ‘Universal Access to Equitable, Affordable and Quality Healthcare Services’, The Indian Express Group and Express Healthcare are organising Healthcare Sabha 2016 – The National Thought Leadership Forum on Public Healthcare.

The first edition of Healthcare Sabha will be held from March 4-6, 2016 at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. The forum will deliberate on cohesive, unified and innovative ways to achieve the vision of the National Health Mission.

Key subjects at the forum would include:

  • Models of financing public healthcare to aid the masses
  • Usage of ICT in the public healthcare delivery model
  • The role of frugal innovations in medical technology
  • Skill enhancement programmes to bridge the workforce deficit
  • The expanding role of NGOs’, Foundations’ and corporate
    hospitals’ outreach programmes

The event will also host the Express Public Health Awards honouring the visionaries, innovators, and game changers from public healthcare. Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) will be the Knowledge Partner to the Awards. Dr K Srinath Reddy, Founder and President, PHFI, is the Chairperson of the jury.

The categories for the Express Public Health Awards 2016 will be as follows:

  • Express Public Health Award to the Most Efficient State/ Institution in management of: This category aims to recognise and acknowledge state governments which have been the most proactive and efficient in initiating public health programmes and utilising public funds to meet the population’s health needs. The jury would take into account the scope and impact of the project in terms of size of population covered, etc., defined measurable outcomes. The sub-categories in this segment are:
  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Non-communicable diseases
  3. Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health
  4. Excellence in Public Health Service Delivery (in terms of covering greater population and increased range of services through the health system)
  5. Innovation in Financing for Health
  6. Innovation in increasing affordable access to medicines, vaccines, medical products and technology
  7. Innovations in health information systems for population health assessment/ quality improvement/ increasing transparency and accountability
  8. Innovations in human resource for health
  9. Excellence in leadership, stewardship and governance at the state level
  • Express Public Health Award to the Most Effective Public Private Partnership in: This award celebrates state governments which have managed successful, sustained partnerships with the private sector
  1. Healthcare infrastructure
  2. Diagnostics
  3. Human resource for health
  • Express Public Health Award to the Most Effective Healthcare NGO: This category aims to recognise and celebrate the work of registered NGOs which have contributed to identifying and solving healthcare challenges on a local, regional or national level for a minimum of five years. Nominations will be evaluated on the outcomes and scope of their work. The sub categories will comprise:
  1. Healthcare for rural poor/ urban poor/ migrant population
  2. Tribal health issues
  3. Social empowerment models
  4. Women and Child Health
  5. Healthcare for elderly and differently abled people
  • Express Public Health Award for Most Effective Health Technology Systems: This category aims to recognise and celebrate the work of states and institutions which have deployed technology to improve efficiency and access to quality, affordable healthcare services. The sub-categories in this segment are:
  1. Health Information Management and Systems (HIMS)
  2. Telemedicine/ teleradiology
  3. Health helpline
  4. Affordable lifesaving technology
  5. Wearable health devices
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution in Public Health: It would recognise and celebrate yeoman service in public health, either through their NGOs or through their efforts to support public health causes. Nominations for this category can be made by individuals other than the nominee.
  • Express Public Health Award for Contribution by a Private Healthcare Practitioner towards Public Health: This award aims to recognise and appreciate outstanding contribution of a private healthcare practitioner towards public health causes and initiatives, bridging the private-public divide.

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