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Impact of technology in Healthcare sector


The concept of M Health is very new. Infact if you ask someone what it means they would give answers around it but wouldn’t be able to actually answer how it is going to help them.

The trend is changing world over. The actual impact will be when consumers get hooked on to their mobile for their healthcare needs. Today’s technology has embraced sectors like Banking, Travel, Dining, shopping, etc.

Healthcare predominantly has stayed aloof. Though it is the most important part of your life, it still has not become mobile. I shall go one step backwards to state that its still not online. You carry a bunch of papers to the Doctor and store all these papers in your old files. Infact for aged people they store papers which are almost a decade old and keep all their reports safely. If the report is on thermal paper or thermal ink then the life is also very short.

Whenever you need an appointment with a doctor you would need to call and fix the appointment though usage of technology is available but it is not used much. Hospitals are promoting patients to view their reports online and to fix appointments online from anywhere. But then this is limited only to that hospital’s report and not all the records of the patient.

The days are not far when you would begin accessing your medical records on the phone, do online consultation with the doctor or fix appointments and much more. Just like how banking has been simplified so would be healthcare. Those days are not far but, the key would be to address the consumers needs for embracing such technology for his benefits.

The desktop and laptop will be rarely used in the future and people would transact and access information over the mobile. With the 5G around the corner it can bring huge benefits to healthcare.

Medical consulting can reach every corner of the world in seconds thus saving people’s lives. Within India itself when you speak about the rural area, where the access to better medical care is missing, this would become a big boon. Similarly to any part of the world where quality and better medical care is required, this can be the solution. Critical illness can be detected on time and treatment can begin on time.

This will also help bring down the medical costs. One need not travel miles to get better treatment it can be made available to him at his door step. Probably even complicated surgeries can be done remotely. Its a matter of few years before any of these becomes possible. Its definitely not a dream though.

But for all this to happen, one has to work towards digitising all their medical records. Once this is done, accessibility of medical condition becomes very easy. One will be able to access the medical condition with history and diagnose the medical condition of the patient within minutes. Thus providing the right quality medical care required for the patient from anywhere in the world. There can be easy access of information of various medical conditions and this can also help in research. This and more will certainly pave way for a better and healthy world.

Probably in the next few years one will see technology embracing healthcare and the way the consumer behaves in the healthcare industry would change.

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