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Dedication, determination and dynamism are a leader’s growth drivers

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Leadership in any industry is a challenge in today’s fast changing world. As far as healthcare is concerned, leadership has its specific challenges which have to reckon with the new advances in medical sciences and the changing circumstances. This is a sector where human life and well
being is directly concerned. We are going through an era where continuous up gradation and induction of new technology is the way to stay ahead.

Requisites of good leadership
In my view, an ideal leader should focus on certain vital parameters like earning trust, create vision, execute strategy, invest with a far sight, nurture potential and empower people. In my healthcare career spanning for nearly three decades I have taken up hardest challenges based on these
parameters. I had held several senior positions in major corporate hospitals of the city. My insatiable appetite for new challenges prompted me to take up the charge of a number of private hospitals which needed turn around. I could lead the organisations to the right direction roughing all the turbulent waves to reach its apex. Dedication, determination and dynamism were my growth drivers. Before I joined AMRI Hospitals Group as CEO, I somehow earned an identity as the crisis solver.

My focus as AMRI Group CEO
When I took the charge of AMRI Hospitals after its set back in 2011, it was perhaps the difficult most challenge I accepted in my career in healthcare. This time too I succeeded in re-establishing AMRI to a niche position. It came back to its journey on the fastest growth track with new vigour and expertise. AMRI Hospitals, the largest healthcare brand in Eastern India, plans now to emerge
as the ‘premier healthcare brand’ in the country.

After I took over, I put thrust on factors like quality, transparency, human resource, performance, right evaluation to name a few. Healthcare industry is a very specialised industry that is directly connected to people and obviously in their life’s most critical moments. I believe transparency and patient satisfaction are the prime aspects of focus in any healthcare organisation. That’s why, I have always endeavoured to focus on clinical excellence and quality. In order to reach the highest level of clinical excellence we are continuously exploring and investing on engaging talented medical professionals.
We have a full fledged department for academic research and development. Clinical research is an ongoing process here. Every case is scrutinised in the light of new research and its far reaching effects. Seminars, workshops, exchange of experience and views are of much significance. We are always updating and upgrading on the new developments in medical science around the world. To offer to the patients maximum advantages of advanced treatment. I believe investment in academic research in healthcare is a prerequisite to ensure superior quality treatment.

Along with clinical excellence one has to ensure quality standard at every level. I specially emphasise on this aspect and we are committed to implement quality in every simple detail. The clinical excellence will only bear fruit if stringent quality standard is maintained. That is also another golden rule to ensure patient satisfaction. We have already received NABH accreditation, NABH in Nursing for Dhakuria Unit and NABH for Emergency Department at Bhubaneswar Unit and Green OT certificate in support for our quest for quality.

Thrust on the edge
I feel we need to stand apart by adding extra edge to our facilities. We have introduced many firsts in eastern India like 1.5 Tesla Ambient MRI (70cm wide gantry with in bore experience) for accurate image and patient friendliness, Gem Stone technology based 128 Slice Dual energy Spectral CT Scan for high clarity, speed and less radiation, SPECT CT to name a few. We have put a major emphasis on digitalisation to ensure quick access and prompt action.

What’s more, I feel investment in technical infrastructure is not complete without dynamic man power at all levels. The main thrust should be on human resource development to ensure quality attainment in all areas.The ability of each person in the team has to be unleashed to improve the performance and grow.

Another most important aspect is teamwork which is of untold significance in particularly healthcare sector. Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision. In my career I always stressed on team work and team spirit and that helped me to achieve my goal to a great extent. There is no substitute for a perfect teamwork, otherwise huge investments on infrastructure will not yield the desired outcome.

The key to excel in leadership
Finally our aim is to ensure quality at affordable cost. We are committed to the society at large to deliver the superior standard of services within the reach of the common people. While the government is expanding and upgrading its facilities and schemes to serve larger number of people, we should also reach out to serve more people even from the remote parts in tune with the government initiatives.

If we have to offer the advanced treatment facilities to the mass, it will require an excellent balancing of cost reduction as well as delivering high standard of services. It will require re-engineering of the process system to manage both the factors – keeping the stake holders happy at one hand and serving the society, on the other hand. There lies the secret of a dynamic leadership.

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