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An organisation flourishes if leaders are able to identify their team’s strengths

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Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary and complex arena. Our ecosystem is an extremely intricate co-relation of multiple professional groups, departments, and specialties. Establishing a seamless and robust system of coordination and interactions amongst each of these groups is the foundation of a strong entity considering the inter-dependence the groups have upon each other. Alongside, leaders in the healthcare industry have a task of integrating organisational commitment into day-to-day practices at an institution so that we work towards common goals meaningfully.

Any successful entrepreneur with a vision to serve needs to capitalise on the diversity within the organisation to emerge as a piece of effective and efficient machinery. An organisation flourishes if the leaders are able to identify the strengths of its team, leverage them appropriately, and stand-by our people.

My vision is to expand HCG’s state-of-the-art treatment across the country and beyond borders making it affordable and accessible to the patients. To bring alive this vision, we consciously invested in our people and ensured that every employee at HCG is aligned to our beliefs and mission to care, concern, and be compassionate yet save lives. I had to take tough calls during this journey, but every single decision made was completely worth it.

With this objective, we started in Mysuru with Bharat Cancer Hospital, at a time when there was no proper treatment available for cancer care and since then have successfully established 26 cancer centres under HCG across the country and overseas providing advanced cancer care to the doorstep of millions of people. This journey wasn’t easy, but with a dedicated workforce, we fared well! I firmly believe that when we start from scratch, we need to remain focused on our objectives. Along the way, our approach may fail, but what is essential is to keep challenging ourselves and not lose sight of our objectives.

We constantly need to throw challenges at people and encourage them to push boundaries. ‘Doing more’ is a mantra we believe in and a culture we foster here at HCG. Our people across levels-doctors, nurses, diagnostics, administration, management are encouraged to do one thing more that can bring value to the institution. We encourage feedback and seriously work on it to improve ourselves.

Another thing I learned in my journey is that we need to work carefully with plan A and B but never give-in to hurdles. I always plan ahead and am certain that there is a way around if one has right people besides us.

While the road to success might be steep, solutions will follow if you persist. Each day is an opportunity to unleash our potential, and leaders have a responsibility to inculcate this in themselves as well as the working partners.. I am living my dream through HCG and everyday aim to make it the global destination for cancer care.

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