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AI — What should radiologists know?

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AI in radiology has demonstrated remarkable improvements, especially in image-recognition tasks, data integration, reducing errors, indentifying patterns and abstractions, which are not visible to the human eye and more. However, there are still many Indian radiologists who fail to understand its clinical implementations and provide perspective on how this domain can be further advanced. Some even dread that AI will takeaway their jobs and make them redundant. Nevertheless, the debate continues but with hope that radiologists will finally break barriers of perceptions and look beyond job securities to explore AI in its varied forms to evolve and improve the practice of radiology.

AI in healthcare: Artificial or Augmented Intelligence choice is yours!-Dr Abhishek Mahajan

AI has great potential to enable better cancer care-Dr Balaji Ganeshan

Radiologists must act more as clinicians-Dr Sikandar Shaikh

AI will NOT replace radiologists-Dr Vasantha Venugopal

AI will replace radiologists-Dr Vidur Mahajan

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